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SMOOVE, definition:

Cool, slick, without stress with a whole lot of game. 

Organized to point of envy. Nice like a Lincolns ride.


Story: As a young teen I couldn’t get the designs I wanted in any shops. I decided to make my own, using a primitive waterproof pen on white tees. People really liked them, so I began selling homemade tees to friends and family. Since, a lot has happened and smoove.me is a dream come true. It’s been a long and bumpy road and still is. Today we are a small group of likeminded gals and boyz, who share the same vision ’n mission. And since we are a small and upcoming brand we are not controlled by corporate rules and heavy politics, which gives us complete creative freedom.

Why: I have always loved tees and urban clothing in general, it’s such a cool and relaxed clothing style, plus people will always wear tees, no matter age, gender or social status. It’s a unique piece of clothing with endless design possibilities. Whether it’s a relevant statement, a fun logo or a wack comment, tees have come to stay. 

In addition, we at smoove.me strongly believe that tee-designs will always reflect what’s happening in continuously changeable society. This gives those who wear tees a unique way to stand out from the crowds and flash their identity and personal opinions. On top of that, E-commerce is the way of the future, where you can run your business from a beach or a mountaintop – as long as there is Wi-Fi access – which to me is the epitome of freedom. 

Besides life is simply too short to deal with grumpy and stupid bosses, who want you to adapt some kind of bullshit corporate lifestyle, controlling what you are wearing…and thinking. 

Where: We are based in Copenhagen, Scandinavia. Home of minimalist design style, the word “hygge” (which can’t really be translated, but means something like cosiness), “smørrebrød” (which is a unique kind of open sandwich) The little Mermaide (a little insignificant bronze statue, which tourists for some reason love) and of course the famous Danish author HC Andersen.

Who: Today we are a little group of young design freaks, co-creating cool stuff and empowering our creativity with a lot of soul and passion. We all love tees, besides weird gadgets, cool accessories and any kinda edgy, wild and wack clothing designs. There is no collections, no seasonal shit, just a raw and constant flow of unique stuff, designed directly from our hearts ’n veins, reflecting what we see, feel and hear. We strongly believe that what we wear represent who we are – or archive to be. And we like to see smoove.me as a boiling pot of humble arrogance and young integrity, trying to redefine the future of our designs, with a lot of cool attitude and edge…of course.

Inspiration:  We get inspired by everything surrounding us, from geeks and freaks to skateboarders and hipsters, to the plain Jane next door to kawaii-goths. We all have wet dreams bout y’all wearing ’n loving’ our products, so go ahead; pick an item and get that smooved feeling of wearing something unique, wack and relevant “Don’t be a dead fish or a floater”. Be a shark or a jellyfish, whatever you like, as long as you feel alive and kicking. 

Goals: Our goal is to wrap y’all in unique goodies from head to toe. We will constantly follow what goes on in the world, spot new trends, reflecting the cultural, political and general tendencies in our society, which has any kind of  impact on our lives – and turn it into to something wack, humours or provocative. 

Ideal customer: Cool, cute, edgy ‘n wack personalities, who use their frontal cortex more than once a year….and don’t give a fuck.

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